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Trademark registration in the European Union

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June 06, 2023 10:36

Trademark registration in the European Union
Trademark registration in the European Union:



On the occasion of P4M's tenth birthday

And in her concert, which was held in Tunisia - Hammamet on 5-21-2023, it was announced:

P4M registered its trademark under its full name, PHOENIX4MARKETING, the acronym P4M, and the Phoenix logo in all 27 European Union countries.

This step came according to a strategic plan that began several years ago.

1- Licensing the company in Britain and America first

2- Then followed by registration in the British ICO organization, which is concerned with the privacy and protection of customer information

3- Then, activation of payment via VISA and MasterCard

4- Now the trademark is duly registered in the European Union countries


What is the benefit of registering a trademark?

1- Having a registered trademark increases the respect of the company and the value of its products worldwide

2- The trademark is one of the company's assets, which increases the company's financial and legal weight.

3- The presence of the trademark protects the intellectual and moral rights of the company, and opens the doors to the global markets for it.

4- The presence of a trademark registered throughout the European Union is a factor of strength in front of competitors and a point of distinction and a starting point.

5- The brand is the cornerstone for building the company's reputation and personality, as the brand establishes a relationship of trust with consumers

  This enables a company to gain customer loyalty and enhance the good reputation of the company.

6- The trademark facilitates the marketing and highlighting of the product and attracts consumers who are looking for value and uniqueness.

7- The trademark guarantees that the product is original and protected.


In conclusion

We are proud of this achievement, which is added to Phoenix's track record, and we will continue to work to improve our services and provide the best for our partners.

We are expanding, we are advancing, we are striving and we are stepping steadily, and the next is even greater